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The one and only place in Guadeloupe where you can complete an underwater photograph formation is here to CIP. For this Smati Beghoura, under our professional sailor photographer offers training underwater pictures with a duration of 2 days. Whether or not you have your photo equipment, this training will introduce you to the techniques of underwater pictures. You will cover all the theoretical and practical concepts that will help you succeed in your underwater shots. Two days during which your training will take place in a fun and friendly way in water not going down to below 78.8°F. From the smallest to the landscape, through the composition and wrecks, from 0 to 131 ft underwater photography will have more barriers you thought impassable. The NEC plus ultra of diving ... Diving, photographing and bring wonderful memories submarine he dreamed of for many years.

Training process

The best way to give you all the tips for successful pictures is training. Smati Beghoura offers:

  • 2 dives on sandbank (depth 32 to 39 ft max) in Malendure Cousteau Reserve with CIP diving club
  • theory (camera + flash + optical)
  • Practice underwater
  • back dry and download photos + editing software (Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Photoshop script)

The training will be made in 2 days . This can be performed with your hardware (APN + box camera, or SLR + Bridge flashes). If you do not have equipment, training will take place with a SLR PRO NIKON D800 flash + INON Z240 (optical fibers) + wide angle lens NIKKOR 16-35 mm + macro NIKKOR 105mm


Full training including 2 dives : 420€ TTC

Information: Minimum Level, Level 2 or equivalent PADI


Training on demand:

  • Additional day of training (theory and practice diving + included diving).
    additional cost = 210
  • Reservation of a boat reserved exclusively for training (no divers on board according to your departure + hours).
    Additional cost for 2 additional days = 199



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