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It's been 20 years since I dive. I discovered the CIP in Guadeloupe by freinds plunging home. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome, the friendliness of the managers and their team. Level 2, the club made me discover the different dive sites and wrecks and a few night dives. Fantastic !! Pure happiness, especially since I felt perfectly safe. So I told myself that after all, as far as I pass my level 3 because my holidays were synonymous dive. It combine the explorations, so I spent my level 3 and have managed the first shot. I can say that, thanks also to the instructors who have "tune" my expectations but also my weaknesses. Congratulations to the whole team. A warm club, comfortable where I will return without hesitation on my next holiday in Guadeloupe.


Greetings to all the team of the CIP and specifically Bertrand and his girlfriend that I knew when I was diving in France. Bertrand made the CIP a club where everything is done for divers feel comfortable, at home. A family spirit reigns while maintaining increased vigilance regarding the organization of the dives and divers. This is what I felt and that's a rare thing these days. The hostesses are very charming and caring equip us from head to toe. The dives are beautiful, the instructors are very safe from the beginning to the end of our dive. Back at CIP, I thought leave, but Bertrand gave us a punch made "house". As much to say that discussions were underway and I have to say I felt really at home. This is where I could see how much this dive is undoubtedly THE club need to know without any hesitation. Again thank you to Bertrand and his team !laughing

Famille George MARTIN

We came on holiday with my husband but did not expect to dive, just as with fins. We discovered the CIP and its very friendly staff. They took us with their boats and divers to the mask fins and snorkel. The funds were so beautiful that we could not prevent us from making a dive. And there, it was great. A monitor took us one by one without it are not engaged in anything. Just a briefing as they say in their jargon and off we went with our dive gear than we barely feel. Pure show ... We did our first dive into what they call the Coral Garden, which is aptly named because from the first fin strokes, these are only coral and colorful fish. Thank you again to all the team of the CIP and specifically Bertrand (BOSS) for his generosity and kindness !!wink

Christine DUFOUR

During my stay in CIP, I discovered the manual settings of a camera, nothing to do with the rendering of a self setting, thank you to Smati for the technical part. For the practical part despite diving activity for several years, I am moved and I still vibrates as much being in the underwater world that allows us to know him, if we see taking the time to look the composition of the picture will be successful. The difficulty of the 'Sec Paté' these are pictures taken without support and also for other sites it's so much more respectful. Thank you Bertrand, Jeoffrey, John and others of the CIP team for their kindness, patience and no stress. Soon I hope.

Patrice COMTE

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